1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

Chet's Old Plymouths

Saturday September 27, 2014

2014 Leesburg Air & Car Show


Vintage Plymouths owned by Jim Yergin (1941), Sean Gagnon (1946), and Chet Brzostowski (1948) dazzle the Leesburg Air Show.  W.P. Chrysler's Plymouth brand is finally well presented and very well appreciated by the attending crowd. 

I am standing in the middle and Jim and his 41 are to my right.  Sean and his 46 Business Coupe is to my left and my 48 is next to Sean's original survivor.   Sean's family is the second owner of this business  coupe.   Sean and his mom have been taking care of business since the seventies when Sean's Grandfather gave the car to his Mom.  Now Sean is the next family member who is the primary driver.   Hopefully this tradition will continue for the next 66 years.

The crowd was there for the Air Show and the civilians were not very informed about car show etiquette.  My grandsons kept the crowd inline.


Here is another shot of Sean's Business Coupe center.  


The 65 Mustang parked next to Jim's 41 belongs to Jim's close friend John.

Below are some additional Air Show Pictures.  The sky was clear without a cloud in the sky.  Needless to say we all got a healthy dose of sun.  Maybe more then expected ?


The small Car show. 


A Very Sunny day that was free of charge to both the Public and the presenters !!!