1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Sunday January 16, 2005    

I was very busy this weekend and didn't have much time to work on the 48.  I couldn't let the weekend pass without accomplishing something.  I cleaned up the oil filter canister, bracket, and oil breather cap.  Lots of sludge in the oil canister but after an hour in the parts washer it was shiny new again.  The oil breather cap was in the parts washer solvent for about 2 weeks.  As you can see it came out real clean.  Buffed all the old paint off and repainted.  Currently waiting for Decal Kit, Oil Filter, Sparkplug Wires, Coil, Thermostat, and Water Hose kit.  Still need to drop the oil pan and clean out the slug awaiting there.  Don't want to rush this, she has been sitting for 20 years and is now only a couple of good weekends from running again.