1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Sunday January 23, 2005

Over this weekend I started remounting the oil filter and ignition parts (distributor restore, coil, wires, etc.).  I found that the vacuum advance on the distributor was completely shot.  So I mounted what I could and went on to other things.  I cut the old  muffler pipe bolts off the exhaust manifold and dropped the manifold into the parts washer for latter clean up on a warmer day.   I had ordered new windshield glass form Smith's Glass - The glass is laminated and cut from original NAGS patterns.  You can choose from tinted, green, gray, bronze or clear.  I choose clear.  I matched the old glass to the new stuff I received and it was perfect.   Robert shipped them in a custom made wood box, very reasonable and half the price of the windshield gasket from Steel Rubber.   I keep chipping away at this car.., sometimes it doesn't seem like I do much but each step gets me closer to the first drive.  I hope I can keep up my enthusiasm.