1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Sunday February 06, 2005      

Over this weekend I cleaned up the intake manifold. I spent most of the day on Saturday getting this part back into functioning condition. The 4 bolts, which connect the intake manifold to the exhaust manifold.., were of course rusted, broken, and frozen in place. Getting them out, and re-tapping the holes was a tedious job. After this was accomplished I cleaned up the surface rust and repainted the manifold silver. I had to open up the holes in the exhaust manifold slightly to allow for a better positioning of the intake & exhaust manifolds against the block. All the tedious work paid off with a good reinstallation. The P15D24 reference article on the heat riser was beneficial and a must read if you are working in this area. Of course Don, as usual, supplied a picture, which was worth a 1000 words. Tks…

Sunday I cleaned up and painted the radiator support frame. This allowed me to continue putting this motor back together. Installed the thermostat and other parts along with the radiator. New hardware all around and still made it to the Supper Bowl party on time. I think that next weekend I may take a break. All that's standing between running and not is the carburetor rebuild (I have the kit NOS), cleaning out the oil pan and pressure relief valve, and a couple of hoses.