1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Sunday April 03, 2005

This Sunday I replaced the rear main seal and then removed the bell housing for clean up of the housing and the cross member.  I will bead blast and paint the bell housing then install with new motor mounts.

  1. I moved the flywheel studs forward to facilitate the removal of the seal nuts.  The seal was removed without much trouble. I removed the bottom half first then the upper.

  2. I removed the rear bearing cap and replaced the cap seals.  The rear bearing look great with some stain lines but no wear.

  3. I reinstalled the upper bearing seal.  Getting the screws back in and the seal snug to the crank shaft was a little challenging but doable.

  4. Then I reinstalled the bearing cap and the bottom half of the rear seal.

  5. After this was done, which by the way was a lot easier then I thought,  I reinstalled the oil pan and then jacked up the motor to remove the bell housing for future clean up.

A good days work, and one day closer to driving my P15...