1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Sunday May  15, 2005             

What was accomplished….

  1. Painted the frame with finish coat around the Master cyl area.
  2. Rebuilt the Master Cylinder.
  3. Repaired and reinstalled the Master Cylinder & Clutch Linkages.
  4. Reinstalled the Carburetor Linkages.
  5. Tightened the flywheel bolts and reinstalled the starter.
  6. Installed a New Fuel pump with vacuum assist for the wiper motor.
  7. Reinstalled the exhaust and temporary start center.
  8. Fired the motor back up.  The new fuel pump got gas to the carburetor within 3 cranks.  At low idle oil pressure is 39psi.

 The next step is the Transmission.