1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Sunday June 12, 2005            

I had another productive Sunday.  Painted the undercarriage with a black top coat over the brown primer.  Adjusted the clutch and installed all the appropriate springs.   Ran a new brake line to the rear axle, reinstalled the emergency brake and driveshaft, then reinstalled the muffler.  I reused the old gravel guards by removing them from the old lines, polishing them up on a wire wheel, and then repainting them silver.   I reinstalled them over the new tubing.

I fired up the motor and ran it through the gears with the driveshaft connected.., everything seems to be working fine.  It appears that I have a little too much drag in the rear end but not enough to keep me from moving the car.  I need to do this so I can gain access to the rear axle, leaf springs, and the driver’s side front wheel assembly.