1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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October 30, 2004

I was able to spend some time on the 48.  Got the brakes working by installing fluid and bleeding the brake lines.  Master cylinder appears OK for now.  Pedal is high and hard and retains its position even with constant pressure for long periods with no leeks detected.   Checked each wheel for function and seems OK.  The reason this is important is because I will have to push it down a pretty steep but short decline to get the car in the garage for the winter.   If the brakes fail it will be in the neighbor's yard and I will have even more bodywork to do.

I am still trying to see if  I can get this running.   Since the compression test came up with nothing.   The head was removed along with the exhaust and intake manifold.  A valve inspection showed one stuck exhaust valve and issues with the seating of most of the exhaust valves.  The intake side looks OK after a clean up.  I am currently waiting for lapping paste to try to reseat the valves in an effort to restore compression.   If this fails a rebuild will be in my near future. 

All in all, the cylinder walls show wear but appear like they will produce compression if I can restore the valve seals. My first look at the inside appeared better then expected.  Relatively clean and rust free.  Lots of carbon around the valves not much on the cylinder heads.????

 I did a complete cleanup of the interior.   Will need to weld in floor panels in the front portion of the car.  The rear and trunk are OK and will just need some of the rust removed and a couple coats of rustolium and undercoating.