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Sunday December 26, 2004

Christmas went well my wife gave me a book on Classic Cars.  In it was a 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe Wagon.  1949 was the last year Plymouth offered the Woody.  Only 3,443 sold because of a steel-bodied Suburban Wagon Plymouth also offered that year.  The Suburban Wagon sold 19,220 so it isn't a mystery why Plymouth dropped the Woody in favor of the steel-bodied Suburban Station Wagon.           

Well in any case the article inspired me back out to the garage to continue work on my 48.   I removed the starter and distributor.  Cleaned up and painted the distributor side of the motor.   The starter bendix was frozen in the start position but after soaking it and pounding on it for awhile I was able to free it up and return it to good working condition.  The brushes, commutator, and armature were all in great shape.  I tested and reinstalled the Starter, oil pressure gauge line, generator, and fan belt.  The motor is starting to look like an engine again.

Next on the Project Plan... Restore and paint the intake & exhaust manifolds, rebuild the distributor, rebuild the carburetor, drop the oil pan and clean out all slug, then remove the transmission.  At this point I will fire up this motor.  If it doesn't run free of smoke and nocks then the machine shop will be getting a nice clean motor to work on.

Happy New Year to all...