1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Saturday   February 18, 2006

On Thursday I  pulled the car out of the garage and finished welding in the floor panels.   For a February day the temperature was 68 degrees and sunny.  Encouraged by the nice weather I cleaned up the interior roof and doors.  Basically everything but the floor.  Since the weather was so nice I prepared the interior for paint.   On Friday the temperature wasn't quite as nice as Thursday but did get into the fifties.   I sprayed the interior roof and doors with Rust-Oleum Smoke Gray enamel mixed with 15% acetone.   I used a Wagner HVLP gun which did a great gob.  The bulk of the paint went on the surface rather then in the air.   Since the surfaces painted will be covered I am not concerned with doing a second coat, the single coat came out great and looks better then the pictures.   The purpose of this paint is to protect the recently cleaned metal surfaces.   The door ways will be resprayed with the exterior color paint so the interior will catch some over spray anyway.     I drove the car back into the garage sitting on my milk crate front seat.   Turned on an electric heater and a kerosene heater and fully dried the paint.    Not bad for a February.