1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Sunday   April 16, 2006

I finished the rear seat back today.  The rear seat back, in my opinion, is the hardest of the four seat sections.  It has many curves due to the indents for the rear wheel wells.   The rest of the seat sections look pretty straight forward.  I think I am saving myself a few bucks here and the work is turning out real nice.

From the bottom.   Painted spring bed, OD green canvas backing over the spring tops, and 2" hard foam with an inch of batting material which pored over the sides to ensure smooth curves.  The batting and foam replaced the original straw and will be a lot more comfortable.
A shot of the finished product.
A shot of the vinyl side pieces.  I wasn't too particular with the stitching since this portion isn't visible when installed.

Tie raps and Hog clips batten down the material to the spring bed.  The hog clip pliers and clips are a minor investment and are well worth the money.

1/8" steel rod inserted into the bottom hem of the seat material really finishes off the attachment of the material to the spring bed.  In this area feel free to improvise.  The original seats had some but I pretty much used it all around.