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Saturday  April 22, 2006

I worked on the bottom rear seat of my P15.  The springs have seen a good 57 years of service and were plagued with a numerous amount of problems stemming from years of use.

The springs were wrapped with burlap and due to some leaks in the floor had developed rust and deterioration of the burlap raping and metal surface.
I cut away the deteriorated burlap and cleaned the springs as best I could with a wire brush.   I sprayed the springs and the remaining burlap with a thin coat of gray rust inhibiting paint. The paint would bleed through the burlap and migrate to the metal springs below.
The spring bed that supported the rear seat passengers was badly worn and needed some repair.   I inserted 1 inch of hard foam padding and attached heavy straps which were hog clipped to the spring bed sides and the surrounding springs.
On top of the repaired spring bed I attached a strong canvas cover.   The top and bottom has 1/8" steel rod sewn into the fabric.   The purpose of this piece is to provide support for the spring bed.  It is like a trampoline surface supported by the existing spring bed.   My main goal here is to provide a seat that is comfortable and close to the original look and feel.

Next step is fitting the new foam and seat material.  I will use the old material as a pattern for the new.   The 2" foam under the seat material will provide a good insulator between the spring bed and the top surface.