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Sunday April 30, 2006

On June 5, 2005 I reported the priming of a section of undercarriage Today, 10 months latter I finally completed the interior floor pan, top to bottom.  All metal patch panels have been welded in, sealed, sanded, and painted.  The only work left concerning the floor is the spare tire wheel well which I will attack at my first opportunity.  Over the last year I have been working on many different sections at different times.  Sometimes it doesn't seem like I am making any progress.  Then you finally put the finishing touches on a long term project section all the work done is finally realized.  This is just one of many major sections finished with many more to go.  The following is my current To-do list:

  • Complete the upholstery project.

  • Completely rebuild the differential, bearings, seals, etc.

  • Install rebuilt differential with new leaf springs.

  • Complete the brake and fuel line installations after reinstalling the refurbished gas tank.

  • Wood grain the dash & window trim and reinstall the dash in the car.

  • Install the front windshield.

  • Re install front clip.  Minor body work.

  • Car goes out to the paint shop.   Ya.!!!!

  • Install door windows and window weather stripping.

  • Install floor insulation and carpeting.

  • Install headliner.

  • Install seats, door panels and trim.

  •  Install exterior trim.

  • Complete the project ...  Realistic completion date Spring of 2007.

This list may seem long but it was a lot longer in September of 2004. 

Here is what she looked like when I brought her home  .