1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Monday  June 26, 2006

Continued the attacked the rear end of the car.  The rear axel was leaking from the differential gasket.  Since I was going to remove the differential to replace the gasket the rest of the overhaul just seemed appropriate.

Accomplished Sunday & Monday

  • Removed the driver's side fender.   -  It needed to be replaced anyway.  I have a good replacement waiting in the wings.

  • Cleaned up the wheel well & frame.  Painted the wheel well with undercoat.

  • Removed the drivers side leaf spring.

  • Removed both drive axels in order to remove the differential assembly.

  • Cleaned and degrease the rear-end casing.  No easy task with 57 years of grime and many years driving with the leaky differential gasket.

  • Removed the differential assembly.

  • Thoroughly cleaned the assembly.  I soaked it in a tub of kerosene.  I definitely need to move the part washed out here to Delaware.

  • The ring & pinion gears looked brand new, no detectable ware of any kind.

  • I  was very surprised by the lack of wear.  I am starting to believe that this old car must have low mileage.

  • I replaced the front seal.

  • Removed the old one by drilling some holes in it and using a slap hammer to remove the seal.

  • Backlash in spec at .012

  • Installed new bearings on the drive axels.  Actually the one's that were there looked just fine.  Here again no noticeable wear.  I had already bought the bearings so I might just as well replace them.

  • I will install inner and outer drive axel seals during reassembly.