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Saturday  December 9, 2006 

I converted over to a high output "Single Wire" 6 vdc Positive Ground Alternator.

  • I installed a Single Wire High Output 6 vdc positive ground alternator.  The Alternator is designed to work with Modal A Fords.  It will produce 30 amps at idle.  (>800 rpms)

  • I had to open up the holes in the original generator mounting bracket to accept a 1/2" bolt.  I used an 8" bolt to mount the alternator bracket to the original hardware and used 7 - 1/2" washers to align the alternator with the water pump pulley.


  • The picture shows the bracket in its original orientation.  All I had to do is flip it so it is pointing in the opposite direction.

  • The bolt above would not come completely out without removing the water pump pulley.

  • Since the front clip was off I drained the water and removed the radiator. 

  • As you can see in the picture on the right.., the stock generator bracket flipped 180 degrees works perfectly.

  • Once the new belt I have wears out I will probably install a new one which should be about one inch in circumference smaller.  This change will allow a little space between the Alternator and the original battery tray.

  • I temporarily wired in a 60 amp gauge to check the effectiveness of the alternator.   I should be able to wire in the original amp gauge.  Even with a semi dead battery and a fast idle she never developed more then 30 amps of charge.
  • When I first started the motor the battery was drawing 30 amps at fast idle and then settled down to 15 once the battery recharged after the initial start. 
  • The car hasn't run in a month or so and the battery was a little run down.  I let the car run for quite some time to charge the battery and exercise the motor

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