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Saturday  December 17, 2006 

Great weather this weekend for mid-December.  Temperatures were in the high 50's so I was able to get some more work done to the front clip.  

I had to pull the car out of the garage so since the drive train & brakes were brand new why not take her for a test run.   I drove her out of the yard and ran her through the gears with the hammer down.  Damn the car ran great.  With no windshield and no goggles I figured I backed off the gas at around 50.  Of course that's just a guess.., considering no dashboard.

Made a u-turn at the Christen school and then I headed back to the house.  No problem.., nothing but farm on both sides of the road.  Of course the local sheriff might have had a slight problem considering no seat belts, or seats, or windshield.

I cleaned up the driver's side fender.

Sprayed the inner side with undercoat.  In the picture on the right the coating was not yet dry.

The wife got involved in the fun and sanded down the dashboard and did a nice job with the headlight housing.

Saturday the weather was so nice that I decided to paint the dashboard and do the wood graining.

The picture on the right is the dash board with the base coat.  I used Gloss Sand which is a  Rust-Oleum oil based paint.  I thinned the paint  with 15% acetone so it could be sprayed. 

Sunday I did the wood graining in the early afternoon.  Temperatures got into the 60's and I had the heater on in the garage to dry the stain.

I don't know if I am truly happy with the way it came out.  The color is correct for the interior.  But the graining is to harsh.  Once it has dried I will try to soften it up with a fine brush or very fine steel wool.  We will have to see what it looks like once it is all finished.  This may not be completed on the first try.

Actually it came out better then I expected.