1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Saturday  February 17, 2007

I continued to chip away at the dash.  The weather was extremely cold.  Even with two heaters running it just wouldn't get comfortable in the garage.

  • I installed the chrome trim around the instrument panel then the piece around the glove box.

  • I reinstalled the dash assembly to the car.

  • I installed the starter button next followed by the headlamp switch.  It appears best to get these items in before trying to install the instrument panel.

  • I installed the choke and throttle cables but left the nuts loose so that the instrument panel could be lowered into place.

  • I installed the instrument panel by lowering it into place behind the cable nuts then aligning the panel so that I could install the high beam lamp which holds the top of the instrument panel in place.

  • I installed the temperature gauge, and tightened down the cable nuts.

  • I am using the stock wire harness and fixing any frayed wiring by either replacing it or using shrink tubing to repair poor insulation.

  • I will be installing a modern fuse block and splitting out the circuits to eliminate the damage that can occur if a short develops.

  • I will also be installing turn signals and flashers.