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Saturday  June 23, 2007

Over the last two months I have been able to make a little progress:
- Installed new front windshield glass & gasket.
- Fixed the horn circuit and finished running all new wiring to the front clip.
- Installed the drivers side inner & outer wheel well & fender.
- Sandblasted, primed, & painted the passenger side front wheel well and fender.

Once the front clip is completely assembled (hopefully this coming weekend.)  I will start preparing the body for the paint shop.   It’s starting to get me excited again in that this long awaited stage of the process has almost begun.  I received the primmer filler yesterday via UPS.

I plan to prep the body in 5 sections:
1 – The front Clip
2 – The cabin roof.
3 – The drivers side doors and rear fender
4 – The passenger side doors & rear fender
5 – The trunk & rear area.

It looks like a summer of grinding, filling, sanding, spot filling, sanding, wet sanding, spot filling, wet sanding some more, O yes and drinking many, many beers throughout the process.  I want to be in the paint shop by the latest.., mid September.

Installing the windshield I held the glass in place while my wife worked the exterior seal.   I gave her every tool imaginable but she preferred to use her fingernail to work the rubber around the metal.

She is quite a helper and after all these years she has become a very good innovator.  With the firewall painted with the finished color the exterior paint should blend nicely.

The last of the body parts... Ya.!!!