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Friday  August 24, 2007

I made what I think is some significant progress.   I had a few days off from work so I continued on the front clip.   The hood hinges and springs were really rusty so I took them to the local Napa shop and had them bead blasted.   They came out like new so I painted them with Rust-Oleuim Automotive primer.

  • I sanded down the front fenders since the weather was too rainy to sandblast the hood. 

  • I found a little to much rust under the old primer so I sanded most of the old primer off.  I realized later that the first primer coat was red so maybe I didn't have to go as deep as I did.

  • After the rough sand session I hit the surface again with 120 grit.

  • Once I was satisfied with the result I painted the fenders with Napa Permatex Rust Treatment.  This chemical goes on white and then terns black on exposed metal or rusty metal.

  • I let the treatment dry for 48 hours and then applied a coat of Rust-Oleuim Automotive primer.

  • What's next on the agenda:

    1. Complete some minor bondo repairs.

    2. Finish sandblasting the hood.

    3. Prep the hood with rust preventive.

    4. Install the hood and continue with the body work until I have enough area to fire up the paint sprayer and shoot a coat of K36 Gray Primer Filler

    5. Once the car is sprayed with Primer Filler, I will fine sand and spot fill.

  • After three years the plan is finally coming together.