1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Saturday  September 20, 2008

More body prep, Please let it end.!!!

  • This Saturday I did some body fill to the nose and fixed some small dents.

  • The front bumper trim was in pretty poor shape so I spent most of the day preparing the trim for paint.

  • I was hoping to get it mounted back on the car but I will have to wait for the undercoat I sprayed on the road side to fully dry.

  • The body prep seems like it will never end.  My plan is to take the first week of October as vacation and finish mounting the remaining body parts.  Then sand the car with 220 grit, clean and degrease, and then spray primer filler on the whole car.

  • If everything goes according to plan she should get her finish coat in the spring of 2009.  Only 6 months behind schedule.


  • Since I had the undercoat out I sprayed the road side of the rear bumper trim.

  • The top surface is in really good shape so it should take the primer without any additional effort other then sanding.

Getting closer to full body paint.