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Week of October 1, 2008

More body prep, Please let it end.!!!

Wednesday, 10/01/2008


  • I mounted the gravel guard and did a little cosmetic work to the passenger side front.


  • I think it is a good idea to check the alignment of the moldings before you paint.  In my case I needed to do some additional work in that the fabrication of  the radiator shroud required some additional alignment of the fenders to the gravel guard and the fabricated cross member.


Thursday 10/02/2008

The driver's side rear rocker panel was in worse shape than I anticipated.  Spent all day Thursday bending sheet metal and tack welding the same into place to reinforce the rocker panel.  Most of the sheet metal is not visible but necessary to reinforce the rocker panel assembly.


Friday 10/03/2008

  • I spent the day doing cosmetic repair to the rocker panel, the rear driver's side fender and trunk lid.  I also sanded the entire car yet again with 220 grit.  Finally it was as ready as it was going to be for the primer filler.

Saturday, 10/04/2008

  • Finally got to the paint:


  • My son-in-law and myself spent the morning on Saturday cleaning and masking the car prior to the shoot.
  • I sprayed the paint around 1:30 in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine to help dry the paint quickly.
  • The primer filler did it's job and once sanded will leave a good surface for glazing and possibly an additional coat of primer prior to the finish paint.  This of course will be up to the paint shop.

My wife said that it doesn't look to much different then it did on September 26, 2004.  when it first followed me home.  She did say it looks a lot healthier.  In a way she is right.  The big difference is the 4 years of work that is behind the primer.  Every component of the car from the motor to the differential has been cleaned, repaired, replaced or fabricated into perfect working order.

This coming weekend I will sand the car one last time then the paint shop can have her in the Spring.

How Sweet it is !!!