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July 18, 2010       

Finally back to Work.!!!

Sunday   07/18/2010

I was determined to get the car painted this summer so that I can spend the fall and winter months putting the interior and trim back on the car.  I dedicated a weeks’ vacation to finding a painter that was willing and capable of fine tuning my body work and painting the car inside and out.  Finally I found a shop that had the right price and the right attitude to finish my now 6 year odyssey.     I will be dropping the car at the shop on Saturday August 7th.  The expected turn-around time is the first or second week of September.   Now I needed to put back a few items so that the painter can easily move the car around.  The first thing was to install the proper gas pedal and the parking brake cable so that he doesn't have to jump out of the car with chuck in hand to stop it from rolling. 

I disassembled the car in 2004 and moved it from Virginia to Delaware where I completed a great deal of the work.  At the end of 2009 we moved once again and finding tools as well as small parts was a nightmare.   All the parts that were not installed on the car wound up in a shed in the backyard.  Now this shed contains the parts from my project car as well as the salvageable extra parts form my 47 parts car.   I am sure you can imagine my frustration looking through countless bags of miscellaneous small parts inside a shed where the temperature must have been near 110 degrees. 

 Looking for the bracket and clamps as well as the cable itself became almost an all day job.   Well the good news is that most of the stuff is now sorted out or at least I have a clue as to what's in most of the boxes.   Some advice for someone thinking about starting a restoration.  Try not to move more than twice during your project.  Also Take plenty of pictures of the car and everything you disassemble because no matter how good your memory is, it might be years before you get to put those parts back together again.

  • After nearly 6 years it took a while to figure out that the cable went between the transmission and the motor mount.
  • Good thing I had a picture of this area before I took it apart.


I needed to fabricate two new rear fender support because the original ones were badly rusted.  This project proved easier than finding all the emergency brake parts and rerunning the break cable.   The last thing to do was pop out the rear window.



P-Day August 7th.  2010 Finally