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SUNDAY January 23, 2011

A New Year's Update

The weather has not been cooperating and has slow down the progress of the past three months.  Although I haven't been out in the garage much I have still been chipping away by gathering up parts and getting them ready for warmer weather.  

Accomplished To Date:

  • Restored & Working 802 Radio.
  • New 7" speaker.  
  • Exterior door handles are at the platter.  
  • Refurbished my exterior door locks.      

  • Acquired all the parts to install my door windows.
  • Purchased stainless steel welting for the rear fender trim.  
  • Sent out my Trico motor for repair.  
  • Windshield wiper transmissions have been chromed.  
  • Currently working on acquiring the appropriate door wind lace and other ecstatic interior parts.  
  • New front kick panels.

Every week the list grows.  I hope to be back in the garage soon.  For now I will keep getting things together for the next warm weather opportunity.