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Saturday February 12, 2011

A productive weekend:

My son-in-law came over and helped me install the stainless steel welting for the rear fenders.  I had previously purchased the vinyl welting from Steele Rubber but thought I would give the stainless a try.  If unsuccessful I could always install the vinyl.  The driver's side of the car was the hardest installation in that the rear quarter panel was hit back in the day and repaired with poured lead and some skillful metal work.  My main concern was that the fender didn't align quite right and had a little space between the car body and the fender.  Because of the alignment issues we decided to remove the fender completely and form the stainless to the car body and then reinstall the fender.

I used the tubing bender to make the bend at point 'A' then bent the interior angle by hand forming it to the body curve.  Of course we made the appropriate cuts in the vinyl to allow the piping to bend without being restricted by the vinyl gasket.  I used a leather punch to cut out the round holes for the bolts  and stapled cardboard tabs to the black vinyl gasket.   The cardboard was useless and I recommend a stronger material like the plastic strapping use for packages. 

Needles to say we bolted on the fender and worked the stainless into position.  The results were excellent and came out better then I expected for a first time try.

The  passenger side fender was near perfect so we didn't remove the fender just cut slits in the vinyl gasket for the bolts and worked the welting in-between the  car body and the fender.  We spent the entire day Saturday installing these two pieces of stainless but the results were well worth the effort.   In the picture below, my Son-in Law Chris tightens up the fender bolts Before we cracked some beers.

Once finished.., we turned the car around and I put her up on jack stands.  I removed the wheels and they will go to the tire shop on Monday to have the rubber removed so the painter can get the rims painted while I work on the interior.  I also want to install new universal joints for cruising this summer.  I hope !!!