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  Sunday February 27, 2011

Chipping away at the details:

Saturday February 26th.

Chipped away at the small details which require a huge amount of time but don't really appear like you got a lot done.

  • Wired up the 608 speaker connector to a new speaker which I purchased a couple of weeks ago and installed the speaker.  
  • Made gaskets for the wiper caps out of 1/16" rubber stock which I acquired from an industrial gasket manufacture in Milford DE.  
  • Installed the rebuilt Trico motor and wiper linkage.  On the driver's side assembly I had to replace the knurled cap that the wiper arm attaches to.   I had some universal replacement parts but I still needed to do some minor fabrication to get the part to fit properly.  The drill press I have is worth every penny. 
  • I installed the refurbished heater assembly.  The really bad parts that the local NAPA store media blasted cleaned up better then I expected.  I gave them the bottom half of the assemble and none of the heater doors would work.  When I got it back they all work fine no problem.   
  • The hose I am using is 2" ID capable of withstanding 240 degrees.  The original hose that no one makes anymore was 1-3/4" ID.  To solve this issue without over collapsing the hose I wrapped 1/8" piece of rubber gasket material around the metal vents to compensate for the lost 1/4" of inside diameter.

  • Last but not least I installed the refurbished 608 Radio.  Will get to the wiring next time I get a chance to work on the car.

TIP:  When installing a standard 8 ohm speaker you need to ground the uninsulated ground wire coming from the radio.  Apparently this was grounded through the old speaker.  If you don't the speaker doesn't work.