1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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 Sunday March 06, 2011

Chipping away at the details:

This weekend I finished up under the dash.

  • Finished the defroster hose.  
  • Wired up the heater fan control.  
  • Installed my working quartz clock.  
  • Installed the antenna for the 608 Radio.  
  • Installed 5" combo speakers under the dash for my JVC KD-S17 12vdc radio.  
  • Installed the radio in the glove compartment.  
  • Wired in a 6vdc positive ground converted which converts to 12vdc negative ground.  The PGPI-HC can provide 2.1 amps continuously.  This is more then enough amps to power a standard AM/FM radio.  
  • I wired the cigarette lighter assembly to the 12vdc negative ground circuit to power a GPS or cell phone charger.

So I have the best of both worlds a working stock tube radio and a standard modern AM/FM/CD radio.  Just need to find the ash tray and install it in the dash along with the glove bock door.