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 Sunday May 29, 2011

Window Glass Installation:


I worked on replacing the new glass which I picked up from Sterling Glass last week.  Since the car was stripped for painting I will also be installing new glass edge channels.  I used #4 x 3/8" flathead sheet metal screws to secure the beaded front window seal and edge channels to the door.   Since the channel material is soft and the screws are tapered they almost disappear into the edge channel and do not rub against the glass.  I started on the rear driver's side window first.

  • I glued the stainless edged window felt to the door then secured it on the ends with the sheet metal screws.
  • I removed the window's regulator channel, cleaned it, and using glazing tape, tapped the new glass into the channel.
  • Installed the new rear window then installed the new edge channel.

The rear window came out great and works great also.

The driver's side window was the one I was most worried about.  The regulator channel was completely gone.

  • I reinstalled the regulator mechanism which I removed a number of years ago.  Finding all the parts was the first challenge.  Figuring how it went back together was the second challenge.   Its spring loaded to provide a counter balance so that the window slides easily.  I tie wrapped the mechanism in the loaded position which made getting it back in place a lot easier then trying to wind the spring arms at the same time you are trying to attach window crank assembly. 
  • I cleaned up all the regulator channel parts and tack welded a new metal channel to what was left of the regulator mechanism.

  • In the picture above that rusty broken piece of metal was the original channel. This worked out great. 
  • Thank god for wire welders.  

  • Installed the stainless edged exterior felt same procedure as the rear.   The only difference here is that I cut to piece to end where the vent window rubber starts.
  • Using the glazing rubber I taped the new glass into place, reinstalled the rollers and springs, and then installed the glass into the car.
  • Installed the correct amount of window channel using the same attachment method as the rear window.
  • This window looks and works great. 
  • As a test I installed the old vent window assembly and everything aligns just fine.