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Sunday June 05, 2011

Window Glass Installation Continued:


Nice weather made for a very productive weekend.

  • Sand blasted 6 rims which I painted with primer.  Eventually they will go back to the painter to be painted the same color as the car.
  • For the front window on the passenger side, I fabricated springs from a reasonable facsimile I found in Home Depot.  I used a .091 x 2 3/4" - Steel / Zinc Plated Cotter Safety pin reformed to engineering intent .   Worked great with just the right tension. !!!

  • Installed the front passenger glass and the rear passenger glass.
  • Installed new weather seal and window slide channels.
  • Installed the weather seal on all four doors.
  • All the glass is in now installed except for the vent windows and they will go in once all the interior door panels are installed.

Getting closer and closer...