1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Week Ending Sunday June 26, 2011

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During the week:

Continued working on the front seat.

  • Attacked the front seat framing.  The original frame had thin cardboard glued to the metal as a backing so that the material would not show through the metal construction.  I couldn't find the right cardboard so instead I used artist's canvas.  First I sprayed the framing and the canvas with 3M headliner cement.

Then attached the canvas painted sided to the metal.

  • The canvas produced a nice hard and flat surface to affix the bunting to.
  • The bunting will make the material soft to the touch.
  • I used the same fabric glue to attach the bunting.

  • After I finished with the prep It was time to do the finish fabric. 
  • I used the old frame covering as a pattern for the new material.  I order to expedite the job I choose not to utilize vinyl and material and a separate cord material. 
  • I cut the material as one piece and stripped the old cord from the old material and sewed it onto my new material cover.

  • After some time with the wife and the sewing machine we produced a cover that fit like a glove.  This was the first time we used the cord function and it came out great. 
  • Since I cant find the wind lace my wife likes for the doors we will probably make our own.   We can used the cord from the wind lace I purchased but the wife says no way it doesn't match.  God help me.., all I want is a seat better then the milk crate I have been using.

  • The material is actually darker then the picture portrays.  I guess the flash wiped out the contrast.
  • The bottom shelf gets carpeted.

The weekend:

  • Met up with the painter and dropped off 6 rims and my rear trunk lid which will need to be repainted.  The trunk lid met up with an unfortunate accident but is being repaired along with the rims at no extra charge as a courtesy from my painter.  I must say a really nice guy.
  • I cleaned up the front bumper and treated the unseen side with rust stop then painted it the same color as the car.
  • I also painted the supporting frame the same blue as the car.
  • I am sending the bumper guards out for platting and the bumper will work OK after I buff it up.  I figured it would be easier to buff up while mounted on the car.  My rear bumper is in very good condition and I will probably replace the front one eventually that is, if I find a good deal.
  • I mounted the support frame and front bumper on the car.

  • Hopefully it is mounted correctly.  I didn't take these items off the car because they were already in the backseat when I bought the car in 2004.

 I hope to be on the road by September 15th. at the latest. 

  Fall driving, Great...