1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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The week ending Friday August 25, 2011

Chipping away at the details:

Saturday 8/20

Saturday & Sunday:

I installed the wind lace on the two front doors, cut and upholstered the center door post, and upholstered the kick boards under the dash.  Installed for the last time the front window molding.

Tuesday & Wednesday:

I was able to pick up the tires and my trunk lid from the painter.  I fitted the extra piece of rug that I purchased with the floor kit and upholstered the bottom kick plate of the front seat.

Installed the front seat in the car. 


Finished up the last pieces of the dashboard.  Painted and installed the glove box door, and ashtray.  The dash is now complete.

I also installed all the hardware on the trunk lid, wired it up, installed the rubber mat for the trunk floor, and installed the spare tire.  You know that you are getting close to finished when you install the spare in a clean and empty trunk.


What's left:

  • Upholster and install the door panels and window trim. ( I may just paint and install the window trim and do the door panels over the winter.  This way I can get out of the garage and on the road.)

  • Install the recently rebuilt drive shaft from my donor car.

  • Touch up some spots under the car that need undercoat. 

  •  Put the tires back on and drive.

Who knows a labor day drive back to Virginia might be possible.