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  Weekend Report September 5, 2011

Tying up loose ends:

Saturday 9/04

I spent half the day cleaning up my door trim and the vent window hardware.  I painted the door trim and also the vent window trim.  I have new gaskets that I will install next weekend.  In the afternoon I installed the driveshaft from my parts car.  The boots were gone on my original driveshaft and I plan on rebuilding the universals but in the short term I wanted something that was road worthy.  Finished up some final details while under the car like spraying undercoat on the rear wheel wells.  I am basically ready to roll.


I couldn't find the energy to get back to work.  So many weekends have passed that it was time to take her out for a shakedown cruise.  I put about 60 miles on her in two separate trips.  It was great to finally get a chance to get a feel for how she drives and what she is capable of.  She ran great with no problems.  The car gets in a grove at 60mph.  I ran her at 60 mph on the highway for about a half hour.  I took her up to 70mph for a couple of minutes and it seemed she had more to give.  Sunday was a great day.

The picture below is a stop at a friend's farm in Lincoln.