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Sunday September 11, 2011

Tying up loose ends:


I worked on the driver's side door panel.   What a pain.  Spent a great deal of time making a new panel board and opening the channels on the stainless steel bottom trim.  This piece is the separator between the material and the vinyl bottom.

Used a reasonable good old door panel to create the new panel.   When I was finished I marked up the passenger side door panel since it is a mirror image of the driver's side.

I glued thin batting material on the board except where the stainless steel trim rests.  Since this was stapled to the board I will glue it down with trim adhesive.

The wife and I affixed the material to the stainless divider trim.  I used a press to crimp the material while my wife kept things from dragging on the garage floor.  I glued the trim down and then glued the material to the back of the board keeping everything tight.  I installed the upper stainless trim and below are the results.  I spent all day working on this one door panel.  Three more to go.

It was about 8:00 PM when I installed it in the car. 

I installed the vent window on Sunday morning and took the wife out for a ride in the car.  Drove about 40 miles with no problems.  The car is running better & better every time I take her out.

The arm rest will just have to wait for another day.