1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Saturday August 24, 2013

2013 Chesapeake City Car Show

The wife and I drove up to Chesapeake City Maryland to see the car show and meet up with Jim Yergin who drove his 41 Plymouth Woody to meet with the members of the National Woody Club.  I wasn't expecting to join the show but when I drove up I was welcomed in.  This was a good deal because the parking lot for the visitors seemed to be at least a mile walk to the main center of town.

Below is my wife after the hour and a quarter drive up.  No worse for wear.

Below is my wife Melissa checking out Jim's Woody.   I can't believe I just wrote those words !!!

This town had cars around every corner and on both sides of the street.  If you were wondering where all the 50's & 60's Chevys went to, they are alive and well in Chesapeake City Maryland.

Jim was called into line to receive some type of award.   It look like a long line and the wife & I wanted to beat the beach traffic back to Delaware.   Below is a picture of Jim and his wife discussing the event while in the awards line.

It was a nice day for everyone.  It was great to see Jim and his magnificent 41 Plymouth Woody