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 Saturday September 1, 2012

Back to Work after a little break!

I spent the long weekend getting back to the details.  Last October in Roscoe NY I met up with Bob, Greg, and Mark from the P15D24 forum.  They pointed out that my body belts were on upside down.   The horror of removing the stainless after carefully installing it over the new paint was worrisome but I was able to complete the removal of the stainless last weekend without damage to the new paint.  I had to reverse everything from the hood back.

I completed the reinstallation of the body belt on Saturday.  By this time I have gotten pretty good at installing the stainless.

I have two pieces left on the front fenders but I will have to fabricate clips because they are set off center and I can't find anyone who has these off center clips.  No big deal, just need to find the time.  Also the rocker panel trim, for these I have the correct clips.

Sunday September 2, 2012

In an effort to chip away at the details I finally got back to the interior.  I reupholstered the passenger side door.  Two down and the two rear doors to go.

Looking much better then this:  September 26, 2004