1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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 Week after July 4th, 2014

Getting the old car back together:

My car has been sitting under the car cover since the repaint last fall.  So first on the agenda was a good wipe down with Meguiar's Ultimate Detailer.  Then an application of spray and wipe wax.

  • Sealed the windshield glass with glazing putty then reinstalled the trim for the windshield.  On the first go around I never used sealer on the windshield rubber and of course it leaked a little bit so the sealer should do the trick.  Used clear for the glass and black for the rubber.

  • Spent a good deal of time re-polishing all the front grill stainless and reinstalled everything that was removed last fall before the car went to the paint shop.

  • I had to fabricate clips for the front fender side trim.  I used (1/16) x (1-1/4) Flat Aluminum from Lowe's.  See below for the clip dimensions.  I adjusted the height of the screw in the drawing by an eighth of an inch.  This slight change will make for a better fit and height on the front fender.


  • It was a good feeling to be doing work for the first time again.

  • The next item on the list was the rocker stainless trim.  The good news is that I was able to purchase clips so all that needed to be done was clean up the stainless and install the trim.


The last remaining items to restore and install are the four door saddles and the windshield visors.