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1929 "Q" hood sides and door hinges

Started by Marc28plym, May 26, 2022, 07:38:22 PM

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Good day friends.  After reading yesterday of someone's struggle with hinges, I realized I stowed mine away in a box a couple of years ago.  Because I went in another direction, I will not need them.  After a quick search, I found them today in the garage.  Most hinges were free moving right out of the box, the remainder cycled readily upon application of some lubricant.  I also realized that I have the two hood sides.  Both sides are in good shape and only have surface rust on the inside.  I want all of these parts to find happy homes, so please send me a note if you have questions and/or are interested and we'll work something out.  To speed up my reply, please copy my email which is  Unfortunately, I was unable to upload the photos, but I will gladly send them to you upon receipt of your email.  Thanks, Marc   


Please note, the above parts have now been spoken for.  Have a nice weekend, Marc