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Another year another parade

Started by Touring29, June 29, 2024, 06:48:33 PM

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It was almost 100 degrees and the old girl did good!

Articifer Tom

Russ T. Fender

Looking good!  Parades are tough on the old girls, especially in the heat, but looks like she had no trouble at all.


I have been a little worried ever since I put the original honeycomb radiator in as to how it would do in the heat. I have added water several times and it spit some out when it expanded. This time I just made sure I could see water and left it alone. It didn't loose a drop and there was no steam. I am crossing that concern off the list!


Good job.
I usually add a little water at the start of the driving season and let it discard what it doesn't need. Never had an issue with over heating.
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