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grease fittings

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I hope I havent upset or insulted anybody only new to the forum for my reply, I apologise if I have - I can be a little compulsive a times as I suffer from PTSD from the military.



Thank-you Glen for sending these to Robert, as far as from what I have noticed in his e-mails he has a very nice car and appears to want to keep it that way

Hey 1930? , Thanks for the input. I have been in contact with Robert by e-mail. I will be sending the Zerks on to him in the next week. He sent me a few pictures of his project, looks very decent auto to start rebuilding, (solid) also a 57 T-bird must be his also, NICE. Glad to be of help to all. Wayne, I appreciate any info on these old jewel. I saw nothing that should insult anybody, must be very thin skinned if it does. lol  Good luck with yours.
SD Glenn


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