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Messages - Crazydave

John I have some pictures, but it's easier to just email them to you rather than get them off the phone, shrink them, convert etc.
One is pretty tough, the other has a hole cut into it and one still on the rearend has been on there a very long time.

I may still have your email (from handles) Fain?
I'll see what I have and take a few a pics. I have 2 rearends and each have 1 drum on them, but they are rusty.

Also have a loose one or 2, (from Franks parts) and one has a hole. Good to know it could be there on purpose :)
Is there a difference between the 19" wheel drum vs the 20"?

I may have something, but have to check the condition.
Quote from: Articifer Tom on April 03, 2024, 09:52:44 PMJay Astheimer 610-462-3631 eastern Pa.

Guess he tried him without luck (?)
Found a thread on the AACA and it sounded like he was having someone cast new ones? Think his user name is pre1939chrysler ?
Quote from: Articifer Tom on April 03, 2024, 05:06:26 PMJay's had some at Hersey this year .

Just ran across someone needing one these, not familiar with Jays is it a shop? Do you have contact info?
Quote from: Russ T. Fender on April 02, 2024, 09:38:45 AMRoadster looks great!  You can't beat an open car!
I am still looking for the side mount hold down hardware for my 30-U if you come across any of it.

Thanks Russ T. Didn't see much for that kind of hardware, but I think the parts motor he had sitting in the garage (which I'm now tripping over) was a 30. Not in great shape, think I'll part it out and toss the bad.
Quote from: chetbrz on April 01, 2024, 09:31:21 PMHay Dave, I'm glad you got Franks car I'm sure he is looking down with a big smile. 

I thought about Minnesota but think it might be a bit to far even with the car trailer. Anyway dealing with some critical issues at home that are monopolizing my spare time. 

Congratulations, Chet

I get it, its a long haul from the coast. I never made it to a national show and since its finally landing here, I better go!

I hope you get your issues resolved, best of luck.

Quote from: Touring29 on April 01, 2024, 07:12:31 PMGreat pictures Dave. It's good to have you coming around again. Videos would be good too. I am still looking for some hood latches (both pieces) for our 29 Touring and I still haven't figured out anything on wipers but I haven't tried very hard. 
Don't have much of any body stuff and both my wipers assemblies are shot. Probably have to buy some generic kit or find a ford or chev cross over.
Member DFeeney (Don) on the AACA is the only guy I know who has one. I'm sure you have run across him over there. If anybody knows were they are hiding he does. And there isn't many!
Quote from: Touring29 on March 18, 2023, 11:16:54 PMDoes anyone have a old drive housing that could be copied? My oldest is getting to be a pretty good machinist working in a tool & die shop and is curious to see if he can make one. Mine is going for now and I don't want to disturb it fearing it will self destruct.

Been there done that  ;D

Check out my old thread from the dead. Friend machined me that got me by for a few years until I tracked one down. I may have an old base, but it won't be in good shape. FYI- there was some new ones on ebay that were made in Germany ? I think for $399. Not sure if they are still listed any longer, probably not much of a market for them.

Hey fellas,

Been a busy last few years, did more car stuff last summer than usual. Member Frank P passed away last year and I helped his kids sort through his Plymouth stuff. I ended buying his roadster. We cruised it to the local shows around me quite a bit last summer. Below are a few shots from one of the threshing shows I bring stuff to and Frank use to meet me at. Couldn't pass up some sunset shots in front of a period correct gas pump! Also brought out the old original sedan and its a horse a piece for what gets more attention. Have to keep people (and kids) interested in this old stuff to keep it alive!

I plan on doing some videos on the cars this summer and will post them here when they are complete.

I do have some random parts from Franks collection I have to go through yet, so if anyone is looking for something odd I may have it. (that guy kept everything)

The national meet is in Minnesota this year and I plan to go for the first time. So if anyone is planning on making the trip let me know!

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General Discussion / Re: We made the news
April 01, 2024, 05:37:27 PM
Things you are looking for. / Re: 947B generator
August 20, 2023, 11:24:57 PM
I buy most of my period correct electrical stuff from Brillman. If you don't see what you are looking for call. I have bought rebuild kits for my old tractor generators. Site link below.

I heard the show for 2024 is coming to Brainerd MN. Can anyone confirm more information about? And who plans on attending?

I know I need to become a member...
General Discussion / Re: Vacuum tank
August 06, 2023, 10:11:46 AM
No idea, I'm not convinced the first one listed doesn't leak.

I have one good one, but for road driving I feel better with a fuel pump.

A few weeks back I met with Frank P's son and got his sedan running, drove it around the storage unit grounds and it runs on the Kingston!