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29 Plymouth Phaeton where are they?

Started by Touring29, November 13, 2022, 09:08:58 PM

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Do you own or have ever owned a 29 Phaeton

Do you presently own one?
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Have you ever seen one at a show?
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Have you ever seen one for sale?
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Do you know anyone who owns one?
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Have you ever owned one?
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Total Members Voted: 2


I'm just curious about how many others are still out there


Member DFeeney (Don) on the AACA is the only guy I know who has one. I'm sure you have run across him over there. If anybody knows were they are hiding he does. And there isn't many!


I have been on that site a few times but not lately. I think that is where I posted something about thinking about buying the car and had a few positive comments and a couple not so positive. One said that for less money he would sell me his car which was a late 30's Mopar of some kind. I wanted to tell him I was buying it because my wife loved it and she hates anything with fat fenders.

I did get some info from Jim Benjaminson from the Plymouth Owners Club that they only had 6 in their roster and they had been compiling info on Plymouths for a long time. I'll go there again and see if I can find Don.


Dave I went back over there and I had ran into Dan. He had some transmission parts for sale a while back but sold them before I saw the ad. I sent him a PM about his car.


there are a few model Q driving around in Australia. Which I own 1 of them. but have also seen couple of model Us.
Believed in Australia across all makers. A Tourer as we call them, was the popular body choice.
1928 Q tourer (Holden bodied)
Several vintage stationary engine


imoore I was told that there were more touring cars in Australia than here. The open car was loosing its popularity here but since the weather is more suited to them they were very popular down there.