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Door Hinges for 29 Roadster

Started by racertb, January 16, 2022, 10:05:29 AM

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I wouldn't have named them strap hinges either but that's what I have heard them called. Probably because they are basically a flat steel strap formed into a hinge. They would never hold up on a car with heavy doors but work fine and are dirt simple for these light little doors.


Here is how I fixed the hinges. The drivers side was bent and worn more than the drinkers side and a lot harder to get right. These are the bushing I used. I got them from McMaster Carr. They aren't expensive


Here is the hinge with the bushing installed and where to sand the bradded end of the pin off so it can be knocked out. A couple of mine had to have a 3/16 hole drilled in them to get them to come out. They are stepped and only come out from the shown end.


I made the new pins from grade 8 5/16 X2" bolts with the threads and head but to the right length a a slot for a screwdriver cut in the end. Then I reamed the old pin hole to the right size and threaded it with a 5/16 X 18 tap. Here is the unassembled hinge and one assembled. My hinge arms were badly bent and one was broke so I had to heat and bend them straight and weld the broke one. When I for it all back together I had to do a lot of fitting to get the door lined up since everything was out of wack from being bent and welded.

Before I assembled everything I sanded all the welds pretty smooth and primed it. With the longer pin I had to remove some wood in the door post to make room for the pin to sit. I just used a rotary file in a die grinder.

The drinkers side hinge was in a lot better shape and was just worn out so fitting the door back was pretty easy. I did have to shim one hinge on each door out a little to get the back of the door level.


Thanks for the pics! I haven't done anything with mine yet but I will use this as a reference.


There  probably are better ways to do it and but it did work and the front doors are no longer dragging on the door sills and latch securely. The back doors will have to wait a while. Heck I haven't even figured out how to get the front seat bottom out yet and it has to come out to access the back door hinges.  I think the owner said she had some touch up paint. If so I will paint them and the screws. If she doesn't have any I'll have to get some mixed and hope the parts store can get a close match.

The drivers door fits well everywhere but the bottom rear corner will not go in flush.  I think its bent a little from being slammed with it dragging on the sill all these years and maybe even sitting with the bottom pushed out from hanging on the sill and the top latched. I tried to straighten it with some brute force but chickened out. When 3 out of 4 corners fit I don't think any amount of shimming will improve the fourth.