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Hello again,
    I have been lurking in snail mail world, and have finally taken time to get online again!  I have had my 28Q out a number of times, but she smokes heavily out of the oil breather/filler cap and into the cabin space... after every drive I can literally taste my car for about a day or two, so I can honestly say it is IN-MY-BLOOD!

    Last week I was given another promotion at Home Hardware, I am now THE assistant manager of the store [although I was pretty much doing this job already anyway...], not just a manager, and of course it means more money for more toys!  I was not completely suprised by the promotion, I knew it was works, but did not expect it now, or with such a substantial raise so immediately.

   I am going to buy a car trailer as a result and I am thinking of buying a fully loaded extended cab 2001 Dodge Ram2500 Larime SLT 4x4 with a 5.9L [360 auto] with leather, etc. as a tow vehicle for the '28Q, has anyone had any experience good or bad with these?  It is a US model with 73,000 miles on the odometer.  I think the mileage is ok, but the used car dealer is asking $13,995 for it, is this too much?  Am I going overboard for a two vehicle?  I was thinkging it is better to have more power, and work the truck say not as hard as you might a smaller one???

  This weekend I had the car out for it's longest trip yet, to the town of Rothesay NB, a bedroom community of Saint John for the Valley Cruisers 27th annual car show in the arena there.  There were approx. 60 cars there, and the participants did the judging, there were 12 categories in all, one for people's choice, participants choice, and car you would most like to take home, as well as the antique, street rod, cruiser, etc. classes...  I spent a few hours there on Saturday, then had to work today and got back just in time to be the last car out of the my amazement I had won third in a field of 6-8 antiques, being beat by a near spotless 1956 T-Bird and a truely stunning 1960 T-Bird in a silvery/blue color.  I truely did not think I would win out over the others either, as they had all been fully restored, but the old Q really held her own.  She did me prowd by not only making it there without a problem, but making it all the way home without needing to add water or oil!  She will get another oil change tomorrow - it's the least I can do after such a long run and only burning a 1/4 of a tank of gas.  My mom's 1999 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor burnt more gas than my 1928!

    Although it was the end of summer today, it was a beautiful day to drive the 28Q home, the air was warm but not too warm, the sun bright and the road long but smooth. Aaaahhhh.... relaxing!

  The other day I took the advice of a friend (the friend who played the role of a carburator when we first got her running) and added a bottle of STP Oil Treatment.  Note this is not a 'Slick 50' type addative, but it is a thick molasses like oil additive that does not contain Teflon.  That really made the old car run much better.  The oil is quite cean all things considered, I mean no oil filter and such.  I am thinking about putting one of those very strong rare earth magnets on the outside of my drain plug as a metal particulate grabber as I can see a few sparkly bits in the oil from time to time.  Has anyone tried this or have any negative things to say?  I am thinking that the drain plug is the best place, as I always clean it thoroughly before putting it back in the pan.

    I bought the engine gasket set from Gasket city, and was very pleased to see just how complet it really is.  I think I will order a few extra head gaskets just in case.  Before I tear the motor down I would like to pick up a set of stock size rings, I have a set of 060 over pistons, but would prefer not to have to use them, I am hoping that the original pistons are still ok.  I do not want to take the motor apart without having the rings, so if anyone knows a source please let me know.

    One last thing, I noticed the taillight sticking on on my 28Q and found it to be the pressure switch.  Where did you get the correct replacements?

Happy Motoring!!

Chris Osborne
Saint John, New Brunswick


    I have been out of touch lately, not because I wanted to be, but I have been spending every waking moment of spare time in the garage!  ;D

    I am happy to anounce that my 28 Q is now running, with a couple gas leaks and unadjusted carb with a damaged float.

    As I now know the carb on my car is not original, and someone drilled a hole in the floorboard for the choke rod, and mounted a ugly piece of aluminum on the dash for it.  I am hoping to find an original carb.  I have  had trouble getting the exsisting carb to seal, and after trying three times to get it to seal with different gasket material I gave up and used copper color prematex hi-temp silicone that I used on the oil pan and side panel.  The other problem is the float was dented by the bowl freezing at some point and along with warping the top half of the carb and the mating surface with the intake manifold it now doesn't allow the float to come up high enough to close off the incoming fuel and it drips out the air cleaner canister.  I am thinking maybe bending the float, adding a shim to the top side, or replacing the thing all together.  Is there a new aftermarket replacement carb out there?  Or does anyone have a complete carb they would be willing to sell me?  I called the fellow in nearby GrandBay but I think he is on vacation as I only get his answering machine, I'm hoping he might <MIGHT> have a original carb.  Suggestions on mending the float or making a better seal on the exsisting carb for now?  I am also told that the copper permatex hi-temp silicone will be eaten by the gas, is this true?  HELP?!

    The interior is essientally done except for making something for a gas pedal and cleaning up the mirror. All the fenders are back on and the wheels are done and installed.  The breaks have been bled and seem to be working well, parking brake fixed and rear end of the drive shaft tightened up.  The thing I didn't think I could fix which I managed to get done in one eveing was rebuilding the pass side rear spring shackle that was worn right through, a bit of welding, die grinder and a couple pieces of metal cut off a rowing machine did the trick!  More on this later.  The front linkage for the steering box has been cleaned and repaired, everything on the car has been greased and the wheels will hopefully turn today once a few more bolts are tightened in the fender and running board on the pass side.

    If all goes well I am hoping to get the car running well enough to take it to Moncton Atlantic Nationals next weekend.  I am taking a week's vacation starting on Sunday to get her tuned up and work out any bugs, squeeks and rattles.

    Photos later this week.

    Chris Osborne

General Discussion / Leaded or Unleaded?
« on: April 24, 2008, 03:58:02 AM »
I was reading that the 1930's Plymouth L-6 engine has hardened valve seats,etc. and doesn't require lead additive to run on modern unleaded gasoline.  Is this also true for the 28 L-4?  Or should I use lead substitute as this chap in Grand Bay (met him on the weekend he has a 28 as well, but someone else rebuilt it.) recommended?

    I don't want to do any damage by trying to run her without lead... maybe it's when in doubt - add lead??????  I picked up a bottle just in case at Canadian Tire.



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