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OK...I forgot the it is.  Also, I've attached a picture of the floor detail beneath the cowl and a picture of a shim between the wood and the steel frame channel.  More later.  Kim


Hi Kim  This is great info, invaluable, I have been trying to get information on the chassie timber and looking at your pictures is going to get me started on mine, hope you don't mind me annoying you.  Cheers Glenn           

Hi Glenn.  Heck no, I don't mind questions and requests.  Working with other Plymouth owners is a big part of the fun for me.  There will be times when I'll need help from all of you too.  I'll keep posting pictures, so if you have a request, post it here or send me an email.  Your roadster will probably have similar wood construction to my coupe so I can probably help you with the wood above the chassis deck too.  Right now I am having difficulty removing the hinge pins on the trunk lid.  They screw out and I can't get either one to budge at all...yet.  I've been treating both with a rust breaker daily for a week but that doesn't seem to help.  I'm reluctant to put heat to it because of all the wood beneath the metal.  Anyone have a solution?  Also, I've been doing a little research on the internet regarding chemical wood stabilizers and fillers to treat the wood around the perimeter of the top; there are lots of cracks and nail holes (pic attached of front piece above sun visor).   Anyone have any experience with this?  Thanks.  Kim

Reference your comment about the hinges on the trunk.  I was having the same problem, what I did?  I found a flat screw driver bit that fit my impact driver. Ground the sides of the bit small enough to fit the slot on the pin hinge.  Set the driver at a real "low" setting, and adjusted at needed. Rocked it back and forth a lot of times, it finally came loss. Give it a try, try not let the bit slip in the slot.  Hope this helps.
Take care

SDGlenn.  Thanks!  I have not done that.  I'll give that a try and let you know.  The trunk lid is one of the last things I have to take off the body and then I can finally start working on fixing stuff.  I worked on cleaning the dirt and grease off the rear end last night...I actually found a differential under all that mung & graudoo!


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