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I got this repro from somebody but at the moment I can't remember who.  It is for my 1948 Plymouth.

I will try to look through my old records and let you know. 


Thanks Chet.  I appreciate it.  Today was a work day.  I decided to take advantage of the last of our warm weather (supposed to be 20 degrees cooler on Monday).  I rolled the coupe out of the shop and began to degrease and pressure wash it.  First I blasted everything I could from the top side then I put it up on the lift and worked on it some more.  I sprayed it with degreaser from a garden type pump-up sprayer, let it sit a while, and then hit it with the pressure washer again.  Good thing it was warm because I got soaking wet.  When I was ready to quit, I sprayed all the stubborn greasy spots using a couple of cans of oven cleaner from the Dollar Store.  I'll let those marinate over night then finish washing tomorrow.  It's looking really good.  The heavy dirt and grease is gone. Pictures attached.  Kim

Thanks, I never thought about oven cleaner, hope it works for you, better than the scraper and wire brush maybe. lol  Looking good.


I used heavy duty degreasers on everything first (Purple Power and Citrus degreasers); the frame, axels, backing plates, springs, everything was heavily coated with a mix of dirt and grease/oil.  Once I got the heavy stuff blasted off, I used the oven cleaner on the residue that remained.  It works good and only costs $1 a can at the Dollar Store.  Even so, I probably sprayed degreaser on everything about 4 times followed by pressure wash.  Then I used the oven cleaner and pressure washed that.  Today I hit it again; there was still gunk coming off.  I decided I would have to pressure wash the interior too.  There was so much dirt coming out of every crevice.  The only thing I didn't wash was the top wood.  After I was satisfied that it was as good as I could get it, I used an air nozzle to blow all the water off the wood.  I figured a little water wouldn't hurt it; the wood floor and support structure are exposed to water, mud, snow, etc. from the bottom side.  The chassis looks pretty good now; you can see the original black paint on the frame and the backing plates are clean!  It will much nicer to work on the chassis, wheels, etc now.  I moved it to my garage where it will spend the winter (a Calif. winter); I'll pull the wheels and refinish them, do the brakes, and get the split rims re-plated with cadmium (original finish on mine), repair the wood, etc.  I found an interesting item today.  There is a bracket on each side that secures the cab to the frame on the latch side of the door.  These are cast brass! (magnet test).  The brackets beneath the cowl on the hinge side of the door are steel. Who knew!  Pictures attached.  Old Man & SDGlenn; I've ordered the PolyAll to repair the wood.  Thanks again for that tip.  Kim

Hi Kim  Gee you done a good job on cleaning up the ol girl, At the rate your working she will be back on the road for spring.
   good luck and the pics are great sketches are a big help. Glenn


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