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29 Build Thread - Part 2

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All Suspension Work Completed

The original Build Thread was getting quite long so I decided to start another since this Thread completes most of the structural work and all the suspension restoration.  I must admit that new springs all around and repairing the problems with the mismatch shackles makes a big difference.  So after a year since I started the restoration the car is finally sitting on it's own four wheels again and in perfect alignment.

So on to the next chapter.  I'll be working on replacing the floor next ?


Can anyone confirm my assumptions below.

While waiting for the wire harness I have been doing some clean up work in preparation for the floor installation.


My understanding of the rear pan's positioning:

According to my current information the pan should sit back approximately 72 and 3/8 inches from the front sill edge to the front edge of the wooden cross member that the pan attaches to.  I believe that the front edge of the seat pan sits back roughly 3/8 of an inch from the front face of the wood cross member.  The height off the finished floor is 2.5 inches.  Also the rear of the pan attaches through the rear triangular body braces.  Again my car is a 4dr. sedan.

A picture looking down on the front of the rear seat pan would be greatly appreciated.

Can anyone confirm these assumptions ?

Since I plan to rebuild the engine anyway and the wire harness is being created I decided to pull the engine so I can get it in the shop by mid January.  This way I can also clean up and paint the engine compartment which will make installing the new wire harness a breeze.  Also might be helpful putting in the front toe board.

I still need to disconnect the drive shaft and pull the transmission, remove the peddles, and remove the master cylinder.  Then I should be able to lower the bell housing and turn the engine enough to clear the steering box.  Anyone have any suggestions for clearing the steering box.

Tks,  Chet...

Chet, if memory serves correctly, you have the right idea.  Lower the rear to clear the steering while raising the front end over the frame and bringing forward.  You won't have any problems.   frank

Thanks Frank, Seems reasonable. 

I will say it was much easier removing the drive shaft & transmission without the car floor.  It was almost fun.  When I first installed those new disks, it was all work under the car.  Today it was nice sitting on a cross member and working on the rear axle.  I have a feeling that my floor panels are going to become removable.



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