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engine bay splash pans....

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I have what I think is the passenger side "splash pan" that goes alongside the engine at the oil pan level in my '29 coupe (picture attached).  However, I just have the one and I have no idea what the piece on the other side looks like or even if there is one on the driver's side.  If one of you could send me a picture of the driver's side splash pan, I would appreciate it.  Then I can start looking for a replacement.  Thanks for the help.  Kim Mc


You have the Driver's side splash pan.  The passenger side pan has the exhaust pipe running through it.  See mine below.

Articifer Tom:
Do you have pic  of front tie between piece . That is one I am missing . My driver side is a different I think too . Will check . Same engine but on 31 Graham truck , whom I believed used Plymouth or Desoto frames .

Hey, thanks Chet for clearing that up.  Now I have to find the passenger side pan somewhere.  KMc


Here is a shot of the driver's side.  Sorry I currently don't have access to get under the car.

Here is a view from the passenger side with flash.

The metal panel seems to be held in place by the front motor mount.


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