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Has anyone had any luck fixing a chip in the enamel of the Plymouth Radiator Emblem.  See below the chip in the sail.


Russ T. Fender:
I have used powder that I got from a powder coater.  I mixed the powder with acetone to make a paste that is just thin enough to spread out into the chip.  It works well on pwder coated rims that get chipped so I expect it would work for your badge.  I had the benefit of having the same color powder as was used on the part being repaired so the match was perfect.  Your problem will be getting the right color to match your badge.

I have never done anything with powder coat.  My assumption is that after you apply the powder you have to bake the item.  I do have another 29 emblem that is in really bad shape that I can experiment with. 

Do you think I could match an artist's oil paint and then spray the emblem with clear coat ?

There is a powder coat guy near me I'll see if I can find a white match and his willingness to part with some magic powder. 

Russ T. Fender:
No need to bake it but it may not be as durable as true powder coating.  The repair I made to a wire wheel on my 30-U is a perfect match.  I was afraid to have wheels powder coated because of the repair issue if they get chipped.  The owner of the powder coating company is the one who told me how to make a repair using the powder and acetone.  I will never paint a wire wheel again!

I found a white enamel paint in a hobby shop near my home. 

The Testor Corp   # 1145-RM11451_0611  Gl. White/Blanc   0.25oz bottle  $2.00
Rockford, IL  61104  (800-962-6654)

Seemed to work very well, hopefully it wears well also.



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