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Damaged flywheel on 1929 "U"

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Is there anyone who has had a 29 flywheel repaired.  The ring gear is badly damaged and needs to be repaired.  Does anyone know where I might find a ring gear or have one made that could be installed on the flywheel.  There is no replaceable ring gear on the 29 flywheel.  The gear is cut in the perimeter of the flywheel and the flywheel would have to be machined to accept a later model ring gear.  Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

I found this on ebay.   I don't think flywheels are interchangeable for all years though.  frank

Thanks, I think the one on ebay may just work. 

Hi Neil,

I have not had to have this done but it appears that Frank might have found a replacement flywheel on eBay.  I would think that the original part could be ground and a new ring attached but it might be less expensive if you could find a suitable replacement part.  The 29 block was used for a number of years and I suspect that the flywheel didnít changed much.  According to the Plymouth Master Parts List 28-33 both the Q & U had ring gears.

Ring gear Q    Part# 319916
Ring gear U up to Y-201-PP US Built and All Canadian built   Part# 303039
Ring gear U after Y-204-PP engine #U-89290 All US built, 30U, PA  Part# 74455

I donít know why there were differences in the Ring Gear.  Form and fit might be different but I would suspect that function would be the same ???  Just my uninformed opinion. 

Have you talked to a good machine shop ?

Good luck ChetÖ

I believe you might find this article by Edwin Sapp on his starter problem very interesting in determining the proper starter ring for the 29-U

Please see attached:


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