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Thanks Glenn.  I've attached a couple of pics of before and after degreasing and pressure washing.  Next I plan to post some pics and maybe a sketch of the top detail.  If anyone out there is especially interested in that, let me know.  I can email you more pictures than I can post here; and I know the top is going to require more pictures.  I'm going for a drive in my '35 Plymouth Deluxe sedan this morning....can't work all the time.  Have a good weekend.  Kim

Well, my wife, her friend, and I took the '35 to a BBQ party about 75 miles away.  The car did fine but most of the trip had to be on the freeway.  I would have preferred good, less busy back roads, but the many "thumbs up" from other passers-by made for fun travel.  It's still weird though to have no seat belt on!  And at every turn I reach for the turn-signal lever.  I told my wife I hope some gang-banger doesn't think I'm flipping them off when I'm signaling a turn with my arm out the window!  The car has developed a loud noise from the left rear brake (?) when braking hard; it doesn't do it if I gently apply the brakes.  Haven't seen any brake fluid anywhere but I will have to look into it.  So, that is another project I'm going to have to check out.  I am going to post another couple of pics of the cleaned up chassis of the '29.  Time to get outside and get going on my list of things to do today; it is supposed to start raining tonight and I've got lots of stuff out that I want to get under cover.  Later, Kim

I forgot the attachments again...together they exceed the 1000KB limit so I will post the two separately. 

Well, the forum program doesn't want to accept pictures right now (it couldn't be "operator error"), so I will try again later.  Check back this evening.  Kim

post-pressure washing pics....


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