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General Discussion / Re: Model U Distributor Housing
« Last post by frankp on Today at 04:13:52 AM »
I've seen the base on ebay.  I'm sure it will do the trick and you'll have one less pot metal part to worry about.   frank
General Discussion / Model U Distributor Housing
« Last post by chetbrz on October 21, 2018, 08:30:59 PM »
Just an FYI,

I tried to order a distributor housing from Tom Hannaford at Then and Now but he didn't have any more housings and didn't have any plans to have anymore made.  At least not in the near future.  I purchased the German CNC machined one from eBay and will be receiving it soon.  Heavy cost factor, but it appears that this might be the only game in town for a new part.  $399 USD.  I'll let you know how this all works out mine was on it's last leg and I figured the engine rebuild deserved a new distributor housing.  I did manage to pick up an original part in fragile condition.  Not usable in a car but great for determining measurements for checking or reverse engineering.

Will let you guys know how this works out but will still have to get my motor back from the shop.  As of last contact.., nothing has be done to it yet.  I have a commitment for these next coming weeks.
Stuff 4 Sale / 1928 Plymouth 4dr Sedan parts .... U & Q Parts also
« Last post by De Soto on October 19, 2018, 07:07:05 AM »
                   Try a few more parts .... not much room to post
Stuff 4 Sale / Few more 1928 Plymouth sedan .... Ill get the hang of it soon
« Last post by De Soto on October 19, 2018, 07:00:43 AM »

              Take a peek & text 805-746-9011
Stuff 4 Sale / 1928 Plymouth 4dr Sedan parts .... U Motor
« Last post by De Soto on October 19, 2018, 06:55:27 AM »

 Trying to get the head off  ...

I like spare parts.......
General Discussion / New Member here .... Thanks to everyone & CHETBRZ for the invite
« Last post by De Soto on October 16, 2018, 06:39:43 AM »

          Hello from Sunny Southern California !!!!!

          I was Invited over by CHETBRZ, I hope I can help a few of you out, Save a few Q & U Plymouth part & make a few Bucks to cover my time & Fuel.

          I don't Know Plymouth parts well so if you need some thing ... A pic with a description will save us both Time.

          I will be posting up some adds, Yes ... Lotsa pics & parts ... Generally I will post a price but in this case i will price as we go ..
     Prices will be fair but i have no control over the cost of shipping. Will use Flat rate when i can ... Us USPS unless Buyer has an account with Fed Ex or UPS.

          Thanks for Having me & I hope learn a bit about another Group of Auto's i haven't yet Messed with !!!!
Things you are looking for. / Re: speedometer cable
« Last post by De Soto on October 16, 2018, 06:01:25 AM »

        I have a used one ... its Oily & turns ... Has the Trans Gear still on it.

        Will be posting a sale add in a few so if you don't have one take a peek.
General Discussion / Re: REPOST from AACA Forum
« Last post by De Soto on October 16, 2018, 05:52:23 AM »

HaHa !!!!  That's All May Stuff ................ Chet just invited me over, I will do an intro & post better pics i took Today.

I Do Not like to post parts with no Price as i feel a guy is hiding Tall prices when they do that, However I cant price all this stuff part by part but be assured I will be fair & open in my pricing ..

1 because i have no idea about these early Plymouth's ... This is my first go round in the Plymouth world, Have had a few '18-'23 Dodge's though !!

 because I have No Use for them & Hate to see stuff sent to China .... Maybe one of you is close & can come get it ALL !!!!
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